Operating Project

Operating Projects is a cost-effective way to implement new programs, bring together groups to collaborate on an issue, and test new approaches to social change, approved operating projects get their charitable status from the Joy to the World Foundation.

Operating Projects of the Joy to the World Foundaion are not separate and isolated entities; rather they are an integral part of Joy to the World. We receive charitable donations and grants on behalf of our operating projects; maintain the necessary legal and financial infrastructure for all project activities, and allow project managers to focus on creating a healthy, just and vibrant world.

Operating Projects are those projects that have been proposed to carry out a specific charitable purpose that fits within the foundation’s charitable objectives. The projects must be approved by the Foundation’s Executive Team for operation with an approved budget, proposed activities and have an appointed project manager. At the end of the year, project managers will also submit a brief report on how the finances were used and they will keep the foundation updated on the projects activities quarterly through newsletters or a quarterly report.

Joy to the World Foundation can serve as a US Fiscal Sponsor for Foreign Charities. If a foreign charity has donors or potential donors in the United States, The New Horizons Foundation can receipt those donors’ gifts and then make grants to the foreign charity so that those donors can receive a US tax deduction for their charitable gifts to foreign charities. If a foreign charity sets up a project with the Foundation, the charity can link its website to the Foundation to receive charitable gifts and/or can have its own program page on the Foundation website. If your organization has US ex-patriot donors in country who would like to support your organization, the Foundation can receipt their gifts as well, giving them a US tax deduction.

The Joy to the World Foundation, a public charity, also provides support services for existing U.S. charities allowing them to have access to all of the support services and programs that are available to project managers under TheJoy to the World Foundation.   The services of the Foundation are available "ala carte" to charitable organizations so that they pick and chose the services that they would like to utilize and only pay for what they use. Based on an organization's needs, a proposal can be customized for specific needs to enhance the services already provided by the organization.

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