Benevolence Program

The medical/benevolence program of the Joy to the World Foundation are supervised by an advisory council made up of board members from the Foundation that will review all applications for consideration. The program is open to the general public and application forms may be requested by contacting the foundation office.

Donations to the Medical/Benevolence Program from an approved recipient or from an approved recipient's family members may not be used for the grant or gift to the approved recipient.

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Acceptance in the Program:
In order to be approved for the program, the applicant must submit a Medical or Benevolent Needs Assessment Application to the advisory council for review. Applications must be submitted and witnessed by someone other than the proposed recipient or a member of the proposed recipient's family. If the application is approved, the applicant will be notified.

Approval by the advisory council does not mean the application will be funded or that it will be funded at the level approved. It only means that the applicant has been approved for potential funding. The advisory council may then allocate funds for the need or other funds from inside or outside the Foundation may be given to meet that need.

The Joy to the World Foundation, Inc. has exclusive legal control and discretion with respect to the use of all assets contributed to the Foundation.

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