Associate Ministers Program (AMP)

To provide an opportunity for ordained ministers and others involved in ministry to raise support and be paid for work they do in ministry or in approved charitable projects as an independent contractor.   Read More...

Associate Minsisters Retirement Program

Many pastors and ministers of nondenominational churches have not had an adequate retirement plan established by the church that rewards them for their many years of service to the congregation. The Associate Ministers Retirement Program is a way to provide this benefit for ministers, even though funds have not been set aside during the years in a qualified retirement plan. Read More...

Benevolence Fund

The medical/benevolence program of the Joy to the World Foundation are supervised by an advisory council made up of board members from the Foundation that will review all applications for consideration. The program is open to the general public and application forms may be requested by contacting the foundation office. Read More...

Charitable Associates Network (CAN)

To provide an opportunity for individuals to raise support and be paid for work as a contract laborer to charitable organizations and charitable projects in the United States and around the world.  Charities can contract with CAN to supply contract laborers with a variety of different talents and experiences who are available to provide the agreed upon services that are needed by the charities.  Network laborers are not employees of the charity or of CAN but are independent contractors.    Read More...

Charitable Internship Program (CHIP)

To provide an opportunity for individuals to raise support and be paid for work they do for recognized charities as independent contractors.  Read More...

Operating Projects

Operating Projects are those projects that have been proposed to carry out a specific charitable purpose that fits within the foundation’s charitable objectives. The projects must be approved by the Foundation’s Executive Team for operation with an approved budget, proposed activities and have an appointed project manager. At the end of the year, project managers will also submit a brief report on how the finances were used and they will keep the foundation updated on the projects activities quarterly through newsletters or a quarterly reportRead More...


Joy To The World Foundation

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The Joy To The World Foundations is a nonprofit tax-exempt public charity organized and operating under the laws of Colorado for the purpose of helping individuals accomplish their charitable objectives in religious, educational, scientific, benevolent, and health related activities. Though much of the money contributed to the Foundation each year is given to support existing charitable organizations, the Foundation is not directly controlled or affiliated with any specific organization.   Read More