Give a Man a Fish


You have probably heard the proverb, “Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day, but teach a man how to fish and he can eat for a lifetime”. As wise as that proverb is, it leaves out one very important point, if a man knows how to fish, but he does not have a boat, a fishing pole, fishing equipment or bait, he is not going to catch any fish.  

 Org Fish Many organizations today supply fish. People are in need and so these organizations give them fish or whatever it is the people need in order to help them survive or advance.  
 Org Teach Fish  Other organizations teach fishing. They teach people whatever it is they need to know so that they will understand how to meet their own needs or solve their problems.  
 NHF Fish With the Joy to the World Foundation

We provides the support, equipment, supplies and technical services along with the understanding that empowers people to catch fish in the most effective and efficient way.  
You bring the vision, we supply everything else!


Joy To The World Foundation

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The Joy To The World Foundations is a nonprofit tax-exempt public charity organized and operating under the laws of Colorado for the purpose of helping individuals accomplish their charitable objectives in religious, educational, scientific, benevolent, and health related activities. Though much of the money contributed to the Foundation each year is given to support existing charitable organizations, the Foundation is not directly controlled or affiliated with any specific organization.   Read More