Hope Benevolence Fund

Hope Benevolence Fund
A few weeks ago, we were made aware of a young lady who we will call “Hope.” We’ve changed her name and certain details and locations, because she is in extreme danger and needs to remain anonymous. We want you to hear a tiny bit of her story– her horrific and shocking story – that is true.

South America isn’t the place where her story starts, but her memories start there. At age six she remembers being taken from her yard. In the days that followed Hope was “broken in” by groups of men in a sex trafficking ring. The price of little girls sold for sex made her trafficker a rich man.

She was sold to different traffickers throughout her childhood; India in a brothel that was funded by NGOs disguised as a religious school for girls, Europe where she was sold in hotels and casinos, and when Hope was 11 years old she was sold to someone in the US. Here in the United States her nightmare continued as sadistic traffickers did unimaginable things to her as a child— in front of other children – brutalizing her as a way to gain greater control. 

Hope never had a chance to do the normal things girls do. No school, no dances, no sleepovers, no friends, no family, no birthday.

She was trafficked in and out of the US for years and by the age of 18, had been pregnant eight times. It was then that Hope dared to escape in the most dramatic of ways. She made her way to a safe house and from there to another city where she miraculously found a church family that embraced her and the young children she still has.

A friend of ours is a member of that church family and they have reached out asking if we could help. How could we not? 

Java Relief supports children at risk, and we wanted you to see a glimpse of what the life of this child in trafficking was like. Had Hope not been brave enough to escape she would still be there—or worse, dead. Her children would be in that life. They have seen things children should never see. Her children need a safe place to live; they need to know what a “normal” and safe life can look like.

By God’s grace, and an army of friends and helpers, Hopeis healing emotionally and has become a fighter! She earned her GED and took her ACT. Currently she is under the protection of a task force due to the information she provided to authorities.

She has had several new identities and has been “swept away” by the authorities to new locations several times. While a safe house is a temporary fix, it's not a place to be long-term, especially with children.  Drugs, suicide attempts, and violence are common, and Hope and her children need a place to heal. 

With the help of our friends and the authorities, Hope and her children moved into a budget rental home a couple of weeks ago. Hope is extremely happy to feel settled in a home even though they only have two mattresses and a chair!

She receives a very minimal restitution payment, health care and food stamps. She will receive grants to attend school to further her interest in a specific career path. However, she is responsible to pay the rent, utilities and all other living expenses. This is where she needs our help.

Our desire at Java Relief is to come alongside Hope and her children. That our amazing group of coffee drinkers and supporters would be moved to help on such a horrific level as human trafficking. She is a very young mom (you would be surprised how young) and the children she still has need to experience a life different than the one Hope grew up in. Our financial help will give that to them.

It’s important to note that Hope will not be in charge of her finances on her own.  We have another friend who is already an “Aunt” to her and is coming alongside Hope to teach her how to manage money and this new life.

Thank you for understanding in advance that this is highly sensitive so we aren't able to tell you more. Her story is so much bigger, harder to imagine and more dangerous than we’re able to share with you here.

If you pray, there is a big need. Pray for protection, for peaceful sleep, for the other adults and children trapped in “the life,” for futures and hope, for justice, and for our law enforcement.

All proceeds from the sales of coffee and merchandise, now through the end of January will go toward this mission. Any donations that you would like to make can go to Java Relief, earmarked for trafficking. If you prefer to make a donation and receive a tax receipt we've set up a benevolence fund through our partner, Joy To The World Foundation.

We look forward to updating you on how Hope and her children are doing!

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NHF- Darius Rotea

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