Rapinchuk's Mission For Hope

Rapinchuk's Mission For Hope

Thanks for checking out my project and seeing what I do. All I do is strictly for the Kingdom and what Jesus has done for all! He loves all of us so much. Please continue reading; it’ll only take a minute of your time!

To start things off, I fully believe in the resurrecting power and life that Jesus has provided us through his death on the cross. He came to give us hope, passion, and a future; we have everything because of HIM! The Gospel is the only source for true love and gives us divine insight to live in freedom. I’ve dedicated my life to sharing this Good News to the nations.

What do I do? Well, for starters I get to volunteer for an international missions organization called “Youth With A Mission” (YWAM). There are over 1000 different locations for people to go and learn about their Creator and continue to go make Him known to all the nations! I have the blessed opportunity to share the love of Christ and raise up missionaries in Queenstown, New Zealand with a YWAM base here. As a staff member, I have the privilege to pour into others. I get to live with and encourage students, lead Bible studies, teach, preach, and evangelize in the extremely transient city of Queenstown. What my main role here consists of is growing alongside of the students as I prep and plan for the three-month outreach phase of our Disciple Training School (DTS). The first phase of the school is a three-month lecture phase where students ultimately learn “Whose they are, so they can be who they are, wherever they are!” In this, students learn more of who God is, and at the end of the lecture phase they are ready to make Him known! This is the global vision for YWAM “To know God and make Him known.” I get to lead a team of students overseas to share the love of Jesus, teach the Word, and distribute both Bibles and water filters. I have the opportunity to grow and learn about the Gospel – then live and share the Gospel as we travel to some of the most unreached locations of the world! I have recently partnered with “Filter of Hope” a non-profit water filter organization that gives hope for people without safe water.

That is the majority of what I get to do here in New Zealand as a volunteer missionary. I absolutely love what God has called me to do, and honestly it’s where I thrive. I’m a people person; I’m heart felt; and I’ve been transformed by the love of Jesus. I want all to have the same encounter that I’ve had with God and to live in that freedom whether it’s in the slums of the Solomon Islands or the dark alleys of Queenstown. I also believe that what I do isn’t for my own glorification and participation, nor do I want to be selfish about what I do. Ultimately what I’m trying to say is that I need HELP. God is the ultimate provider, Jehovah Jirah, He is my number 1 supporter and encourager. But I believe the Church, the Body of Christ on the earth, has the responsibility to go and make disciples of all peoples, tribes, and tongues of mankind. Whether you’re called to the business sector of America or the jungles of the Amazon, I really believe that the mission the Lord Jesus gave to His disciples was meant to be a united journey.

The Great Commission given in Matt. 28:19 was never given just to me or to you, but to both of us. We as the Church – a congregation of believers – have a divine obligation and responsibility to share this message of Hope to all peoples, tribes, and tongues. The Church body has many different parts, and each part has a different purpose, gifting, and anointing. In the natural sense, a healthy body operates best when all parts, organs, and extremities work together. With this being said, I believe you and I are called to work together, as the Church, as friends, and as a family. We have a firm foundation in Christ; He is our Cornerstone, and we as the Church will continue to grow as a dwelling place for our Heavenly Father. Thus, I believe that finances are another way for us, the Church, to grow closer. We have opportunity to invest our time, money, and emotion for each other’s individual roles as the Church and ultimately give the glory to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

So, I will ask you to join me in this goal: Let’s partner to train and equip missionaries! Let’s be united to spread HOPE! Let’s share of the redeeming love of our Bridegroom who is coming soon! Jesus is worth it! Would you consider joining me to see God become known throughout the Nations - especially here in Queenstown, New Zealand  and the rest of the South Pacific Islands. Financially, I’m looking to raise $1,300 per month for my basic expenses i.e. living and ministry expenses as I live here abroad. Please partner with me in my ministry if you are called to do so!

My main ministry is here in Queenstown, New Zealand to the extreme sports culture who is looking for momentary thrills as well as leading "Coffee Ministry" where we give out free coffee to the transient community. While in New Zealand I also plan and organize 3 month mission trips to the Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands distributing Bibles, water filters, as well as preaching and teaching.

I love what I do and am extremely blessed with the opportunity to do this; it's a never-ending ride as I share the love of Jesus to people seeking extreme thrills! However, following Jesus is the ultimate, never-ending thrill! I also get to be a part of YWAM Queenstown’s focus on sharing the Gospel in the South Pacific.

Let’s impact the Islands together!


God bless,


Project Manager
Andrew Rapinchuk

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