Melissa and Konnor Kiefer

Melissa and Konnor Kiefer

The Kiefer family is facing an incredible medical hardship and tragedy right now: Melissa (age 47) and Konnor (age 19) have both been devastated by chronic Lyme disease for a number of years now. 

They have chronic pain and are so ill that they struggle just to do everyday tasks. Despite trying many different doctors and treatments, both of them continue to decline. They need immediate help to keep fighting. 

They are seeking to find the right Doctors and the right Specialty Lyme Disease treatment clinic that can provide answers to a very complex and difficult situation.  The Kiefer family (Husband and Father Kent, Wife Melissa, Son Konnor, Son Kyler, and Twin Daughters, Kenna & Kayla) have exhausted their financial resources and their personal debt is accumulating quickly and to an alarming level.  

Would you consider helping them?

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NHF- Darius Rotea

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End Date: 10 April 2018

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