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Friends of LaVic

Friends of LaVic

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Friends of LaVic

Current Urgent need:

Imagine what it would be like to have to walk a 1/2 mile to pump and transport all of your water by wheelbarrow! That is the reality for the 12 children and 4 staff that live at the Olive Foundation Orphanage. 

Digging a well on site is needed to improve the hygiene, cooking operations, and to grow sustainable source of food on the orphanage grounds. The food produced from the garden and 100 fruit trees recently planted will help feed the orphans and become a source of income. For this to become a reality, water is needed to grow the vegetables and to keep the trees alive!


The Friends of LaVic project was created to support the ministry of Pastor Aculas Hilaire in LaVictoire, Haiti, which includes the Institution of Olive Foundation Christian Elementary School and Olive Foundation Orphanage  

A one room school house with a dirt floor in LaVictoire had been the home of the school since 2009. The school room had held up to 85 children and 4 teachers...at the same time. 

The construction of a new 6-classroom elementary school was completed in April of 2017. The enrollment for the 2017-18 school year has almost doubled, to 175 and the staff has increased to 6 teachers and a principal. The new school is also used for church services. The school facility, school supplies, food and teacher's salaries are dependent on the generous gifts of people like yourself. 

Construction of the orphanage was completed in February of 2018.  There are currently 9 boys and 3 girls living in the orphanage. With your support they receive food, clothing, education, medical attention and are being discipled to follow Jesus. There is a wonderful four-member staff on site that cares for the kids by your support as well. 

Help is needed is all of these categories:

$30/mo per student

$60/mo per child,
which includes their education

$75/mo per teacher


The Friends of LaVic need your help! 

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God Bless You for becoming a Friend of LaVic!
Jim and Bonnie Binning 

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,
plans to prosper you and not to harm,
plans to give you a hope and a future  

Jeremiah 29:11

Project Manager
James & Bonnie Binning

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