How Shall They Hear?

How Shall They Hear?

Tierneys to the UK - Full-time!

How Shall They Hear...  (Rom 10:14)

Every time in the past when we have gone to the U.K, we have felt such a strong pull to reach out to our own.  At one time, the great preachers like Charles Spurgeon & John Wesley came out of England. Sadly, the spiritual climate has dramatically changed since then.  Churches are closing and turning into nightclubs and supermarkets. It simply broke our heart seeing this in March 2017. Tragically, less than 2% of the English have faith in Christ.

In addition to ministering to our own, God has also put a vision in our hearts to reach out to the 30,000 foreign students that come for language school in the summers to a city on the south coast of England called Bournemouth.  We will minister to these students in a three month intensive, evangelistic outreach and throughout the year to those who live there. We do not believe it was a co-incidence that when we were there, in March 2017, to have come across a church in this town who disciple these international students who come from all around the world. We will be directing those who show interest in Christ to this church. It excites us that we can have spiritual conversations with them, give them tracts and Bibles in their own language and in English and be a part of the gospel going back to their respective countries!

Please would you pray about starting or continuing to support us to reach these nationals & internationals on a full-time basis. Join us in continuous prayer as we give the truth of the gospel to these students in the UK.

Love Jason and Sara




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Jason and Sara Tierney

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