Brinkley's Mission Project

Brinkley's Mission Project

Howdy Friends!  Jesus loves you!  Thanks for coming to take a peek at my project!  What do I do and why do I think it's ok to use other people's money to do it?  Please give me a second of your time to tell ya!

For starters, I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I love to hold to that as my foundation for everything I do and believe!  The Gospel, I believe, is an unstoppable message of love, resurrection power, and that it is the only genuine hope for the world to access the abundant life that was always intended by God to be had!  Australia is a part of that world that needs to know the Gospel and I believe that that's why I'm blessed to get to live in this country for this time of my life!  What do I do?  I get to volunteer in a missions organization called YWAM (Youth With a Mission) in an region called the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia!  I am a staff memeber in a Bible course we offer here called SBS (School of Biblical Studies)!  Over nine months in the school students read through the Word of God book by book, studying the historical background of each book, learning to use the inductive Bible study method to plumb through its depths! At the end of the school, students will have read through the Bible about five times! In working with this school I get to live with the students, personally disciple and befriend students, and teach specific books of the Bible each semester of the school!  I also get to take short trips around Australia or in the Pacific Islands to share the Gospel!

So that's what I do with the vast majority of my time which now leads to me why I think it is venture worth going after even if it means going into the field of asking others to help provide for my costs of ministry and living.  I am a full time volunteer here but I work whenever I can when the occasional odd job offers pops up.  That work helps but it isn't sustainable to be able to provide entirely for my expenses here.  So here's my reason for why I would ask for the privilege of using another's hard earned money.  It begins with my foundation: the Gosepl.  I believe the Church, the Body of Christ on the earth, has the responsibility to go and make disciples of all peoples, tribes, and tongues of mankind.  And from my reading of Scripture, I really believe that the mission the Lord Jesus gave to His disciples was meant to be a united journey.  It's never supposed to be about indivual churches, ministries, annointings, or giftings -- it's always been about collective pursuit.  The word "church" simpley means 'a congreation of people'.  In the natural sense, a united body is beautiful and healthy; an unified and dismembered body usually is a dead body. Sadly, a disuniffed Body is what many Christians and Non-Christians percieve of the Greater Church.  People think that She is divided.  But I will dare to believe and say differently; if people are truly connected to Christ, truly in Him in the "heavenly places" than we have a united foundation (Eph. 4:4-6).  But foundations are meant to be built upon, and the Church is called a living house continually being built up into a dwelling for the Lord (1 Pet. 2:4-5).  Thus, the area of finances is a place which I think provides a great opportunity to bring the Church together in her mission from her Lord Jesus and to grow up into Him.  So to all who call on Him and love Him and believe in this great mission, than to all of you beautiful Saints, I would ask you to join me in this goal:  Let's train and equip Bible teachers to send them out into the nations of the world to build up the Church into a Beautiful Bride!  He's so worthy of that!  Please consider joining with me in making God known in the world, especially here in the Sunshine Coast of Australia through being united with me in finances and in prayer!  I'm planning to live here for the next year and am looking to raise $1,000 per month that I'm here!  Please partner with me in this ministry if you are called to do so!

My main ministry focus is here in the Sunshine Coast of Australia but I also visit islands in the Pacific when I availability to share the Gosepl with them!  October 1st - 14th I plan to head to Samoa and to the Solomon Islands because I was asked to speak in two schools with YWAM bases there!  Let's impact the Islands together with the Gospel!  You guys send me and I'll go!

* Samoa: Oct 1st - 7th

* Solomon Islands: Oct 7th - 14th

The word "Gosepel" means "Good News" - and if you'd remember back with me to that beutiful Nativity story of Christ to a scene of shepherds in a field.  An angel of the Lord came to those men tending flocks in the fields to announce the birth of the Savior Jesus, and they declared to them this:  "Do not be afraid.  I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people.." (Lk. 2:10)

Friends, if you know the good news then the great joy is rightfully yours!  May all peoples know and love Him who knows and loves all peoples, the King Jesus :)


John Ira Brinkley

Project Manager
Funding Period

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End Date: 14 December 2017

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