Lily Resource Centre

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The Lily Resource Centre is a ministry of the heart that has developed from the love of learning and the need for healing, recovery and growth within a Judeo-Christian worldview, for myself and others.  It was up and running as an official charity in Belfast, Northern Ireland for several years, but was closed for various reasons. 

The majority of tangible material is currently in storage until the 'fullness of time' when a tangible home is found to house it, and there is clarity about what country it is meant to serve.  The ministry does continues to grow with the acquisition of amazing material, as well as the funding of third party cassette and video conversions to digital to support other ministries and preserve the wonderful legacy of their material. 

Current fundraising efforts are for the purpose of converting several hundreds of audio tapes to digital format, via a professional third party, of past conferences on the topic of C.S. Lewis, starting in 1988. This project is being undertaken to support other ministries, as well as acquiring and making available material for the Lily Resource Centre.

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End Date: 10 January 2020

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