Tanzanian Children's Miracle Fund

Tanzanian Children's Miracle Fund

Help Us Create A Christmas Miracle

Tanzania Children’s Miracle Fund needs your help to provide the miracle of hope to orphaned children - the kind of hope that only education can unlock. A high school education will allow these children to develop their God-given talents and abilities. Education is the key to their future success.

In our society, a high school education is free and available to all, but in Tanzania, only those who qualify can attend, and they must pay for that privilege. In a country where citizens struggle to fulfill daily needs of food and shelter, these orphans will have little chance of affording the education they need to build a better life.

These boys and girls were left without families early in life, but with the love, care, and nurturing they’ve received through the orphanage, they’ve already beaten the odds by qualifying to attend high school.
It would take a “miracle” to make it happen, and that is where you come in. TCMF is attempting to raise funding for two special orphanage children which will allow them complete a high school education. 
Your monthly gift of $30 per month over four years will provide half the tuition for each child to attend high school. 

If you would prefer to give a special donation of $60.00 or more, you can help cover the cost of a month’s tuition.

In the true spirit of Christmas, please remember that it is better (and much more rewarding) to give than to receive. Not just the two children who are hoping to attend high school, but all the children at this orphanage can benefit from a special gift from you.

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Our Story

This story begins with my wife and I celebrating our 40th anniversary with a “once in a lifetime trip”, an African wildlife safari. Our travel took us to Tanzania to see the incredible wildlife on the plains of the Serengeti.  We went with the intent to see nature’s beauty, but returned with a greater understanding of humanity’s beauty.  We were amazed by the grace and dignity of the Tanzanian people.

Tanzania lacks the ability to provide the social safety networks found in the developed world.  However, individual citizens step up to fill that gap as best they can.  We saw this first hand when we visited a small privately owned orphanage outside the city of Arusha.

The orphanage was founded by a retired school teacher named Angela who could not bear to see homeless children, digging through garbage for food and sleeping in doorways.  She took these children in and has been giving them food, clothing and shelter.  As the number of children increased, she took steps to become officially licensed as a non-profit orphanage and continued to add children in need.  What she lacked in finances she made up for in love and hard work.

Her story is not unique, it is common-place throughout this nation.  Tanzania is a tribal nation with more than 120 tribes, both Muslim and Christian, live in peace and share a common pride in their county.  They are extremely friendly and exhibit happiness in spite of the fact that they lack many of western society’s basic necessities.

The orphanage we visited, like most small non-government non-profit organizations, lacks the ability to draw the attention and funding from major international relief agencies.  What we learned is that a little can go a long way in Tanzania.  For over a year, we have been supporting this local orphanage with a $200 per month donation, which helps provide all of the staple food products to feed the orphanage’s children.

This was the beginning of The Tanzania Children’s Miracle Fund.  It is dedicated to the concept that while we cannot save the world, we can make the world a better place, one child at a time.  Just a small portion of our excess can make a tremendous difference in the life of a child in a country like Tanzania. 

The Tanzania Children’s Miracle Fund is attempting to provide funding to help meet orphaned children’s basic needs for shelter, food, clothing, medical, and educational expenses.

To meet this objective, we need your help.  Please consider either a special donation or a reoccurring monthly contribution to help make the world a better place, one child at a time. Just $30 dollars a month will help feed a child.  Your special donation of $25, $50, $100 or more will help provide clothing, medical care, and support hiring workers to properly care for the children.  While none of us can do everything that is needed, together we can do something, and change a life.  Thank you for your support.

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Keith and Ann Oliver

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