Lighthouse Kyrgyzstan

Lighthouse Kyrgyzstan

Lighthouse is a nonprofit organization based in Kyrgyzstan. We seek tolighthouseC prepare orphans and children that are deprived from parental care and placed into boarding schools, orphanages and similar institutions, for independent life (after their graduation from an institution). We use mentoring program as a primary tool in achieving this goal by helping children in their studies, social and vocational development by considering the individual needs and personality of each child.


  1. To draw attention of the society to the social and psychological needs of children placed into boarding schools, orphanages and similar institutions
  2. To select, train and accompany a mentor for each child that will:LighthouseBTo help children to develop their potential by discovering their strengths and talents, and cooperatively define their individual life goals and the ways to achieve them:
    • Be a trustworthy and caring friend
    • Be a positive role model
    • Share his/her life experience
    • Guide through development of mentee’s personality
    • Advice on important life decisions
  3. To foster the formation of independent life skills and competences (norms and ethics of communication, behavior, responsibility, autonomy etc.), positive social roles of men and women, father and mother
  4. To cultivate the positive motivation and attitudes towards the creation of own harmonious family, self-determination in vocational and life choices

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We thank you for taking your time to get to know us better and kindly invite you to support our project. There are many ways through which you can help us run this project in Kyrgyzstan. Here are a few of them:

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  • Partner With Us
  • Pray For Us
  • Tell Others
  • Become One of Our Volunteer Fundraisers
  • Support us financially

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