A.I.C. Tumaini Youth Center

A.I.C. Tumaini Youth Center

A.I.C. Tumaini Youth Center

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In light of the financial troubles facing our nation and perhaps the American family, it seems an unlikely time to be soliciting funds from individuals possibly hard pressed already. However, the board of the Colorado Tumaini Youth Center located in Kenya, Africa is doing just that.  First, we solicit your support in prayer. Secondly we ask you to consider helping us to meet our financial needs for the Youth Center.

Our first priority in our African endeavor is submitting our time and resources to the Lord for his glory and then for the benefit of the children in our care. Too many non-profits are so involved with many other programs i.e. family and organizational development, health and infant care, education advancement, youth organizations, societal commitment to children and adult and nutritional training that the most important objective- the child’s soul- falls somewhere far down the line in priority. We are not saying that these programs are not important and we will pursue a few of these options ourselves. But only after we have established a firm foundation for the children in their walk with the Lord. When a child knows the Lord, other issues can be addressed with greater understanding.

We require additional funding in two primary areas for our mission. First, we continue to look for sponsorships for the orphans and misplaced children living in our facility. Second, we are diligently seeking funding to help us build apartment complexes to enable the Kenyan team to become self sufficient.

We are asking individuals and companies to help us either by joining our team and sponsoring a child at $30.00 a month but any sum will be accepted or by offering donations to the building funds in any amount.

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