A.I.C. Tumaini Youth Center

A.I.C. Tumaini Youth Center

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Dear friends,

I just returned from visiting our team in Kenya, Africa where we dedicated our new apartment buildings to the Tumaini Youth Center. It seems that this undertaking was slow coming to fruition but after looking back on the entire project it was completed quickly and efficiently thanks to the help from friends supporting our ministry. I am in awe by how the Lord blessed our efforts in this venture. The children's needs are being met with additional revenue for the center and all the praise and glory are His. We were not motivated by our own selfish desires so consequently the Lord led the teams to this successful conclusion.

Those of you who travel abroad understand my comment about how perspectives change after short periods of time. People and things that were a priority before aren't as important now and other events that once seemed trivial now impact your thoughts with much greater force. Even some of our future projects have been replaced by more pressing ones and you will be hearing about these new opportunities soon on our web pages. We are grateful that we can rely on our team in Africa to help guide our efforts in project selection and because of this team work, we are financially sound and have not lost any funding regarding our projects.

The Board of Directors, the Staff, and the Colorado Missions Committee teams working for TYC are excited about the upcoming years and how the Lord guides our efforts in our new undertakings at the center. Go to our website and view the dedication of the apartments and see some of the projects we are considering for the future. The teams thank you for your support because none of the ventures could have been completed without the support of friends like you.


We require additional funding in two primary areas for our mission. First, we continue to look for support for the orphans and misplaced children living in our facility. Second, we are diligently seeking funding to help us build a new girl's dormitory. This construction project is currently funded at 75%, we need your help to reach our goal. We are genuinely thankful to God and our donors for getting us this far.

We are asking individuals and companies to help us provide  for these abandoned and orphaned children thru your donations.

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