Discovering Life Ministries

Discovering Life Ministries

The purpose of Discovering Life Ministries is to establish a Disciple Making Movement in Spokane, WA that will reach new people with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  We will be using a unique strategy to disciple people into the Kingdom of God by helping them discover God, His love, grace and salvation in Jesus Christ through the study of His Word, teaching them to obey all that He commands and to plant new churches.  These churches will be non-traditional, home churches that will be established with a "DNA" of obedience to God's Word, care for one another and evangelistic outreach.

To accomplish this, we will be using the Discovery Bible Study method developed by David Watson.  These studies have been effective in reaching hundreds of thousands of people among the least reached people all over the world.  We believe this method can be an effective tool for reaching our post-Christian culture in the U.S.  The process is: 1) Pray extensively; 2) Gain access to a community group; 3) Find a person of peace; 4) Start a Bible Study with that person & his/her friends; 5) Baptize new believers & start a new church.

Richard and Carol Viel bring 30+ years of ministry experience to Discovering Life Ministries.  Richard has served in a variety of pastoral ministry roles during that time including Youth Pastor, Christian Ed. Pastor, Associate Pastor and Senior Pastor.  In the Fall of 2012 they traveled to Indonesia where Richard was the featured speaker at the World Venture Field Fellowship and to visit the fields where some of the World Venture missionaries serve.  During that time they experienced first-hand the effectiveness of Discovery Bible Studies.  They were also highly influenced by Pak Roma, Senior Pastor of Air Kemuliaan church in Medan.  Pastor Roma has a vision for planting 10,000 churches in ten years using Disciple Making strategies to change his society.  Upon returning to the states, both Richard and Carol felt God calling them into a new season of ministry and disciple making.

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