Asia Frontier Outreach - Orphans

Asia Frontier Outreach - Orphans

Asia Frontier Children's Hope

War, poverty, and disease have left thousands of children worldwide without the security of family and provision of basic needs.  One little Southeast Asian country where the children have especially suffered is Myanmar. Under the auspices of Asia Frontier Outreach, 4 Children's Homes provide for over 150 children in adversity. These children not only receive food, clothing, and shelter, but are loved and nurtured, have the opportunity for an education, and are encouraged to look forward and prepare for their futures.   Many also come to know their Heavenly Father through the faithful witness and love of their caregivers.

Asia Frontier Outreach Orphans 2It costs about $100 a month per child to adequately care for the children in our homes.  We invite you to visit our website to learn more about our founder, Dr. Lu Chi Shee, "Pastor Lu,"  his wife Betty, and the 4 children's homes they are involved in.

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