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New Hope Ukraine Field Trip smallNew Hope Center in Zaporozhye, Ukraine is a Christian mission, which seeks to transform the lives of orphans.  In particular we look to change the trajectory of the lives of orphans who are no longer in the care of the state, and are now living on their own.  Between the ages of 15-18 years old, thousands of orphans graduate, and begin independent life, after never receiving proper parenting, and always having important life decisions made for them by the state.  The results as you might expect are grim.  Over 50% of these orphans end up serving time in prison, or being lured into prostitution. Within the first 2 years, 10% of them commit suicide.

 We offer a better chance to these children, through mentoring and familyNew Hope Ukraine Classroom small life in a group home, where they will have parents who love them, feed them, protect them from negative influences, and offer guidance to them while they study.  We also offer a track of study in Dairy Farm Management at our own Vocational School in a nearby village.  There they can receive the highest quality training in how to manage a farm, which includes courses in business, accounting, biology, veterinary skills, computer skills, English language, and business ethics.  We are taking those who are considered least valuable by society and investing the very best education we can in their lives.  VISIT OUR WEBSITE IN UKRAINE

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