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Our Little Market

Our Little Market

Does God still care about those who are sick? Does He still heal? Our Little Market (OLM) began in 2007 as a simple member care project for a mission agency in Southern California believing that the answer to these questions is "Yes!". Today it has become a community of over 400 members who are experiencing the direct benefits of nutrient dense, whole, organic foods. We believe Jesus does heal today, and He even uses things like whole foods, fresh air, sunshine, rest and exercise.

 Every week people come to "Our Little Market" to pick up raw milk, grass-fed meats, wild caught fish, raw cheese, farm fresh eggs, raw local honey, and organic produce on an "at cost" basis. They volunteer each month or donate financially to keep the market going and receive ministry through the food, fellowship, and the ministry of prayer. Bimonthly talks about "Faith and Food" will spark discussions on who Jesus is and why we should trust in Him.

 Today many say they don't know where they'd be if they'd not found this ministry. Their health had eroded so far and their discouragement had become so great, that they did not see a way out.  All that changed when they came to Our Little Market.  Unlike other natural healing ministries, OLM is headed by an ordained, evangelical minister who understands that Jesus cares about both souls AND bodies. Join us!

Steve, Lisa, Kiersti, and Maren Plog

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