Royal Diadem Destinies

Royal Diadem Destinies

VISION:  To see oppressed women, youth, widows, orphans and elderly awakened to and walking in their unique God-given giftings and destiny, and know--deep in their heart--that they were created to be a royal diadem for the display of His splendor.

MISSION: To inspire and equip oppressed women, youth, widows, orphans and elderly with the tools and skills they need to awaken, clarify and use their unique giftings and talents in service to others (via volunteering, starting a nonprofit or a business) through high-caliber speaking, training and one-on-one coaching/mentoring.

THE PROBLEM: Many women, youth, widows, orphans and elderly--especially those living in oppression with addictions, abuse and abandonment--barely getting by, often have no idea what they are gifted to do on this earth, why they were created, and how to move from a place of struggle to a place of passion, purpose and prosperity. Many women can be counseled in dealing with oppressive/abusive environments and even be delivered from such oppression; only to find themselves struggling to know what they are uniquely created to do with their life; their gifts and talents (if they even know what those are). Many do not know who they really are and how they were created by God with a vision (or 2 or 3) and a destiny to accomplish, through their unique gifts and talents (spirit, soul and body). Many do not know that when they bring all of their gifts and talents to bear in the lives of others; they create a new passion and purpose for living in themselves and begin serving others intentionally (via volunteering, starting a nonprofit or via their own business) with their God-given callings and destinies. 

OUR SOLUTION: Royal Diadem Destinies offers a sponsorship-supported training and coaching program that enables oppressed women, youth, widows, orphans and elderly--unable to afford experienced, professional and high-caliber training & coaching services--the chance to understand, awaken and clarify their unique gifts, talents, passions and destinies in a detailed, step-by-step process. Insodoing, they begin to 'come alive' with greater focus, passion and purpose which acts as a catalyst to literally pull them out of a mindset of oppression and discouragement into a place of hope, possibilities and abundance. 

IDEAL GROUPS FOR THIS IMPACTFUL PROGRAM INCLUDE: Woman parolees (in the last 6 months); women struggling with addictions that are in formal addiction recovery groups; domestic violence victims who are past the emergency/crisis stage and are in aftercare; oppressed & struggling widows; women recently divorced, separated or abandoned by their spouse; single moms on welfare and other government-assisted living situations; single moms working blue-collar jobs (fulltime or part-time) who are barely making ends meet; elderly women in nursing homes and/or assisted living facilities; orphans in any capacity ages 14 - 22; pregnant teens with very little support; women and teens recovering from sexual abuse or sex-trafficking; troubled youth and those in juvenile delinquent centers or coming out of such centers. 

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Carla Wellington

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