Awaken 2 Life

Awaken 2 Life

Awaken to the life you were created for...filled with hope, healing and freedom to live the Bigger Story.  When we Donya Dugglebygo through difficult times, it is so easy for our hearts to simply go to "sleep" to protect ourselves from further pain and disappointment.  Sometimes it can be challenging to know how to break out of the ways our hearts have opted for the status quo.  With 23 years of counseling experience and a passion to see hearts awakened, I offer to come alongside those who are sincerely hungry for true transformation.

Whether you find yourself navigating the swirling waters of transition, the ache of grief, the heart break of relational stress or the fears that steal your peace, I'm committed to providing a safe and honoring place for your heart to heal, transform, and thrive.  It is a joy to uncover the hidden treasures found in the dark soild of hope-deferred and broken dreams.  I have a passion to awaken the God-given dreams, gifts, and callings often lying dormant in the people I journey with.

Donya Duggleby Cambodian SlumsYou are cordially invited to begin an awakening journey...either through individual or marriage counseling.  I also offer HeART Awakening groups which enable peole to explore their hearts through art.  Beginners are experience is necessary!  Each one of us was born with a unique creative expression found deep within.  The only one who can express that creativity like you is YOU.  This is not a place to become a trained "artist", but this is an opportunity for you to listen to your heart in a new and refreshing way.  There is nothing more rewarding than honoring your heart by allowing it to have a colorful voice in a safe, caring, accepting and pressure-free environment.


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